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  • BYP 24/7
    Added by Renee 2019-05-23
    Very poor terrible service. Happy to take your money...but not happy to help you meet your goals. Keep reading for the free link to the nutrition plan provided for the challengers I requested a partial refund on the challenge that i prepaid prior to knowing the in's and out's of the challenge requirements. Unfortunately, the challenge did not work for me and i could not commit to the terms and requested a partial refund. not refund provided, a terrible, poorly written response... **My email to BYP** Hi Ben and Rachael, Rach, as discussed last week the challenge is just not working for me and i was hoping we could meet in the middle with a refund. Main reasons its not working for me: - The $300 challenge allowed me access to the classes only. At the time of signing up and paying half of the challenge fee i was not yet aware of the timetable. unfortunately i just cannot make the timetable of classes work for me. they were either too early, our during work hours or too late in the afternoon. Fridays are my easy days however there are only 2 sessions on a friday and no group sessions on the weekends. - To extend on this, i was under the impression from Ben that there was a kids room available from 5:30pm, however Rachael mentioned that there was not, therefore afternoon classes are out for me. this left me with the option for 4:30am classes only to be able to fit it into my schedule, which i can not commit to everyday as some nights i have to work late. -i was also under the impression that i would be receiving 3 one on one sessions as part of the challenge (previous email from Ben) however that is not the case. This would have been perfect for me as i could of booked these sessions in my lunch time or late evenings when hubby is home. There are no group sessions after 6:30pm. - the challenge requirements are oddly invasive, e.g. to be eligible to win the challenge you must post check in's on facebook 3 times per week (I don't want people to know where i am, especially people of facebook) surely there is a better tool to help promote your business. The compulsory requirements on the timetable again were too much to commit too. Again, i was not aware of these requirements before paying the money. If i was aware, i would have said no, sorry, this is not for me. - Accountability coach, reply to messages from your accountability coach weekly. I still haven't received 1 message... - As i did not purchase a $100 tag to access the gym, i am extremely restricted as to what i can achieve. Suggestion: maybe offer it as a borrow service with a $100 holding deposit which can be refunded when the tag is returned upon completion of the challenge if the challenger doesn't decide to stay on board. - the at home workout plan is straight from another companies website; . In no way is the at home work out designed around my needs. If i wanted to do an online challenge, i would of just purchased their $295 program. Surely you both have the skill set to put your own together for BYP and make it feel more legit...I have my own business and i would hate to give my clients work completed by my competitors. some PT's can put together a program for a client after a quick 5 min chat within half an hour. - Nutritional plan, again, i could of just got this off the internet - the only difference is the plan provided by BYP as ill placed logos on page 1 and 2. Again, surely you both have the skill set to put your own together for BYP. **BYP Response*** Good morning Renee I have been informed by Ben and Rach about this And they have read your email and appecriate your concerns You have some great feedback for them to take on board to improve the service they provide. Unfortunately you will not be getting a refund! Kind Regards, Administration I tried to contact BYP admin via the number provided - no answer and no call back...very poor terrible service. Happy to take your money...
  • Browns
    Added by David Leigh 2019-02-11
    Great butty shop, very reasonable prices
  • Bays Of Isles Aquatic Centre
    Added by Jasonsallyregan Lowe 2019-02-11
    Good pool and gim tidy and fun
  • Hairy dog
    Added by Varvara Semenova 2019-02-11
  • ALDI Nuriootpa
    Added by Lauren F 2019-02-11
    Cheap but doesn't appear to be as big or have as much range as the other aldi stores do. A lot of times, there isn't much fruit or veg in the shelves for a few days until their order gets in. Good service from 99% of their staff and easy to navigate store.
  • Coffee Cat
    Added by Jasonsallyregan Lowe 2019-02-11
    Really good coffee and kids drinks near a park nice food